Woodstock - Then - Now


Woodstock in the current century

These are pictures of the very site where the Woodstock festival was held.

Woodstock - today - www.Fun-Vacation.comIt is a great vacation spot.

Back in early August of 1969 I and 4 other friends went to Woodstock for the fun of it with no tickets and no hope of anything being sure.

I brought a tent, and it was useful, but a little burden to backpack there.

We 5 hitch hiked in groups of 2 and 3 from New Bedford Mass to Bethel New York where it was held. Took me 12 hours and 10 minutes to get there.

We arrived on the Tuesday before it started and watched the construction of the stage and the grounds.

We knew we'd get through the fenced off section one way or another until a few guys with many, many wire cutters just started taking down the fence early on and defeated the promoters opportunity to make any more money from ticket sales.

I am sure that you have heard all about the festival, but now the site is the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts and still has shows on the property which, by the way, is greatly enhanced with beautiful buildings and a couple of stage venues as well as a plaque at the site of the original festival.

They have a great museum and a Woodstock themed film that plays somewhat continuously throughout the day

I went there to see the "Hippie Fest" show in the summer of 2008 riding up there on my Honda Goldwing motorcycle - cool.
The gray area on the left of the green field is where the stage was.

Across the road to the left just out of the picture was a bridge of wood and a fenced off helicopter pad to bring the artists in and out.