Southernmost Point in the USA in Key West, Florida


I love the Southernmost Point

Because it is a radical departure from the whole body of the U.S.A., we can get the feeling of what it would be like weather wise in Cuba.

It is actually 87 miles from Key West to Mariel Harbor, Cuba and 156 miles to Miami from Key West.

In the time when Castro let all of the Cubans go free (prisoners had a field day) they left from that harbor. 125,000 Cubans were imported to the USA illegally.

They had a great time doing the trip aboard grossly overloaded shrimp boats out of Key West at $1,000 per person paid by Miami Cubans, etc.

I was at sea on a dive trip 7 1/2 miles out and saw them aboard the shrimpers first hand.

Below is the Southernmost Point marker at the end of the street in Key West.

Roger and the Key West Southernmost Point marker -