Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West, Florida


Sloppy Joe's

Is on Duval street corner of Greene street. Joe Russell paid $2,500 for it in 1937 when it moved from where Captain Tony's is to the current location. Open as Sloppy Joe's first at 428 Greene (Captain Tony's location) then to the newer location since '37.

The famed Ernest Hemingway drank there quite a bit.

In 1980, we did a gig there for the month in the springtime. In 1981, we returned for the month of February.

In 1995, I lived in my motor home near the A & B Lobster house where there are now buildings built. It was heaven for January and February.

I played (guitar and vocals) solo gigs all over town and on the 72 foot Mary E schooner for sunset cruises.

Here, I am back at Sloppy Joe's as a customer. This year it is 2013.
I'm spending the winter in Key West.

SLoppy Joe's - Key West -  
A band at Sloppy Joe's January 2013 -
The Doerfels