Reggae Duo called Bahama Boys in Key West, Florida


I love Reggae Music and they are cool!

These two guys, the Bahama Boys with Keith as the bass player and the guitarist on the left was actually sitting in with Keith for the gig, were hired to play music outside of a supermarket in Key West for the supermarket's oldies car show.

I had met Keith the night before, and he remembered me. They played a reggae style of music that covered non reggae tunes, as well as reggae island vibe tunes.

This is something that I had added into my live entertainment show several years ago as I like to have several styles to play.

Therefore, I checked them out and they played very well, and sang well, as well.
I like that, "well as well".

Their photo is below. Keith has the blue shirt and bass guitar in hand.

Reggae Duo playing in Key West -