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Trip to Mistissini and the Cree Nation

These are also pictures of upper and lower Quebec

Let me clear this up first, Mistissini is the village and Mistassini is the large lake above it.

Mistissini is in the language of the Cree: ᒥᔅᑎᓯᓃ the meaning is "Big Rock".

The trip was planned as a trip to Chibougamau, Canada itself a long and somewhat treacherous trip to make by motorcycle but it ended up being longer and more treacherous going beyond Chibougamau up to Mistissini - the northern end of the paved road in Quebec.

The trip from the last town in somewhat southernish occupied Quebec to Chibougamau is 128 miles without a gas station or any buildings other than a government station for protection of wildlife and plants.

The total miles or Kilometers from Quebec City to Mistissini is 600 Km or 373 miles. From our start in New Bedford to Quebec City is 454 miles. Total trip north is 927 miles straight north pretty much.

Once you make it to Chibougamau then you can go another 61 miles up the road to Mistissini to the end of the paved section of rt 167.

The last 10 miles are a packed gravel/dirt road to the village.
Strangely enough half of the streets are paved in the village itself.

This section will have photos of both Chibougamau and Mistissini and some of the trip there.

Check the three photos below.
Mistissini Stop Sign - www.Fun-Vacation.com
Mistissini map - www.Fun-Vacation.com
This map above is from Quebec City to Chibougamau then up to Mistissini.

The map below is the town of Mistissini - notice the ice on the lake.Mistissini Village - Quebec CA - www.Fun-vacation.com