Key West Florida - Vacation Heaven


Key West Pictures

These are pictures of Key West

This is the most fun island in Florida. It is an expensive place to live rent wise, and the quality of the houses is not really high for the amount of money that they cost. But!... Still...There are some great places to live here.

A friend of ours lives on a boat that is moored off of the shore and uses a dingy to get ashore. This is very cost effective. Those using the slips for boats and houseboats are paying a high fee.

The island is crazy at night especially in the old town section around Sloppy Joe's. The people who come from all over the world to be here enjoy music from solo acts with a guitar, or duos, and bands that play throughout the club scene.

There is a lot of car traffic, but parking can be tough in the busy section, so a lot of folks use bicycles and low powered scooters to get around.

You do not really need heat in your house or camp or boat as the temp never gets cold enough to worry for long.

Palm trees and roosters rule the roost. The video show below is from the trip to Key West through Florida and Epcot Center etc. It was a great time!

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