Epcot Center at Disney in Florida


Epcot Center in Florida

Is at the Disney resort area in Florida. It's an all ages resort, but I would say that it is a bit focused on adults more than children although all ages are vacationing there.

The cost for us was $14.00 for parking the car and $89.00 per person entrance fee for all events and rides in the park but not counting all the money that you spend on nick-knacks, food, etc. in the park itself.

Within Epcot Center are two separate parks one is Future World and the other is World Showcase.

We went on a rainy day in the beginning of January of 2013. It was Hui-Ling Chen's 1st time there and Roger's 3rd.

Epcot Center - www.Fun-Vacation.com

It was fun to experience most of the places that were available to see.

If you start at the 9AM opening hour and spend the entire day until 9PM you can barely see all that is available as far as the 11 countries, Mexico, Norway, China, Japan, Germany, Italy, the United States, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada, and several educational and inspirational rides that are available.

We found that the wait times were a bit long to get into some of the areas that had lines some as long as a city block to gain entrance.

I had planned to take my dear one to eat supper at the French restaurant in the 'France" section. We found out that reservations were needed. For the next two weeks it was fully booked in advance! The American restaurant was quick and cheap - we went there.

My personal favorite music was from the UK House where the band played songs from the 1960's British music invasion. They were very entertaining.

Check out the photos/pages of the park and know that we barely scratch the surface of what is available to see and to enjoy in your time there. It is a marvelous place to visit and the rides are very cool!.