Cat Man - Dominique in Key West, Florida


Cat Man

We know that Dominique LeFort with his heavy French accent studied clowning etc. in France in his youth, worked in clowning in France and Canada and he has been a regular at the Sunset celebration in Key West near Mallory Pier since 1984.

He's not on the regular pier section but just across a little foot bridge and located across from the Westin Hotel near Mallory and where the huge cruise ships often park.

At sunset, he does his show every day.

If you don't know him at all, you might call the ambulance to have him taken to an insane asylum as he howls at the moon and speaks to chairs and howls at his cats - his magic cats that do so many interesting things.

Now let's talk about the cats. Currently there are two or more in each show.
One was born without a tail...hmmm.

They jump through flaming hoops of fire and leap over each other and walk the tightrope, as well.

The show is the most amazing I have seen on the pier although there are many that are close in quality. Check out the photos below...

I am a major Cat Man fan and have seen his show many times. I have a DVD of his show that he sells, and a T-Shirt with some of his sayings on it as well as a bunch of other goodies that he sells after the show.

If you are ever in Key West and have just one day you have to see his show!

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