Captain Tony's in Key West, Florida


Captain Tony's from a long time ago

Captain Tony's at 428 Greene Street was actually the location of Sloppy Joe's back from 1933 to 1937. It is said that the location of Sloppy Joe's back in that day paid a very low rent at the time. It had been one type of business or another since 1851.

When the landlord raised the rent a little the bar owner bought the new Sloppy Joe's for $2,500.00 and they just all carried tables and chairs and drinks over to the new location the same night. Captain Tony's opened after that move.

The story goes that one night Ernest Hemingway was drunk and ripped the urinal off of the wall and carried it home to make the drinking station for the many cats that lived on his property. I learned the story from a caretaker on his estate.

When you come into Captain Tony's you see a lot of stuff tacked to the ceilings and walls such as licence plates etc. My favorite parts are the stage area and the huge tree that lives growing from the middle of the barroom right through the roof. It has been there for a long, long time and apparently they built the bar around the tree.

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